Student Service Opportunities

ASU Community Partnerships collaborates with both college and community agencies to match over 100 student athletes each semester with community agencies in need of volunteer services. As a AAA101 student, you will be required to complete two community-service hours during this semester. ASU Community Partnerships is available to help you connect with volunteer opportunities to get your service done.

  1. Register for the program
  2. Connect with Community Service Opportunity that Fits Your Interests
  3. Document Your Community Service Contribution
  4. Provide Feedback to Continually Improve the Program and Your Experience
This list is continuously updated, please check it for the latest information

Organizations Currently Needing Assistance:

  • ASU Community Partnerships (Manning booths and tables for environmentally friendly shopping bags at Safeway and City Market, continuously arranged with teams of 3-4 students, or help with ink cartridge and bottle cap recycling programs) Contact: Karl Jolliff, 587-8209
  • Organization: Challenge Colorado Therapeutic Riding Program
    Contact: Carol Pastore, 719-852-2795
    Service opportunities: 1.) Assist with the horseback riding therapeutic classes 2.) Assist with current projects at the organization, outdoor or indoor where needed.
  • -Organization: Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, San Luis Public Lands Center for the Forest Service & BLM
    -Contact: Rob Santoro, Volunteer Program Coordinator, 719.852.6267
    -Community Service Opportunity: 1.) Assist with office organization and projects in Monte Vista or La Jara 2.) Help with restoration and other projects at current volunteer sites.
  • ConCepts (Organizational and Office assistance for highway cleanup organization) Contact: Val Finnegan, 589-6686
  • La Puente (Cooking food for guests at the shelter, assisting with organization and other needs at the Rainbow's End Thrift Store in Monte Vista, helping to shelve and stock food at food bank, or helping with community gardens) Contact: 587-3499.
  • Wee Care (Volunteer with daily class activities, M-F 9-11 or 2-5) Contact: Dianne, 589-2243
  • Boys and Girls Club (Completing projects as needed) Contact: Frank Martinez, 589-5252
  • Valley Humane League (Walk dogs, socialize kittens and puppies, help with additional projects) Contact: Jenna, 580-3123
  • Alamosa Community Greenhouse (Work with indoor garden, Sundays 1-3) Contact: Jan, 587-5529
  • Alpha Humane League (working with animals and/or organizational help) Contact: Janet Black, 852-2201
  • Sacred Heart Parish (Assemble food boxes for the needy, light clean-up and maintenance) Contact: Sandy Ortega, 588-8195
  • Yard Clean-ups for San Luis Valley Elderly Citizens, Contact: Sandy Ortega, 588-8195
  • St. Vincent De Paul's Thrift Store (Staff store, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9:00 a.m-4:00 p.m.) Contact: Sandy Ortega, 588-8195
  • Pick up and deliver bread for San Luis Valley Needy Families, Contact: Antonio Garcia, 589-8381

To volunteer complete the steps above. Registration may be completed at the ASU Community Partnerships Building. Please call 587-8209 for help or answers.

The AAA101 project is designed to assist in understanding self-management concepts, leadership as well as human diversity. You, as a student will explore the foundations for good decision making skills, responsibility for your actions and the importance of being a successful part of the campus community.

This extraordinary opportunity will benefit the local community. It is our hope that through this experience, giving back will become a way of life for you. Pass it forward and Good job ASU Students!!