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With changes about to unfold due to The Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, Adams State University Community Partnerships is facilitating a “Talk Straight with Adams State” forum around the issue. This upcoming forum and panel discussion will get behind the headlines and look at how the Affordable Care Act will impact citizens here in the San Luis Valley. The panel will include Ned Calonge, MD, President and CEO of The Colorado Trust; Gigi Darricades, CEO of Valleywide Health Systems, Inc; Tom Deegan, Registered Nurse and author of Healthcare: A View from the Trenches; Reginaldo Garcia, PhD. UCD, Rocky Mt. Prevention Research Center; Russ Johnson, CEO of the SLV Regional Medical Center; Cindy Palmer, CEO of SLV HMO; Marguerite Salazar, Regional Director for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Armando Valdez, Professor of Healthcare Administration , ASU. The audience will have this rare opportunity to have their questions answered by this panel of experts.

This forum will be held on Saturday, April 13th, 2013, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m in McDaniel Hall Room 101. Attendance is free.

Go here to submit your questions for our panel ahead of time.

Were also interested in finding out how much the community knows about healthcare reform.  Please fill out our survey here to help us collect this data.

Recycled Products Expo showcases Creativity

In order to promote the practical and artistic use of recycled materials and to celebrate America Recycles Day, Nov. 15th, Adams State Community Partnerships is hosting a Recycled Products Expo. The event will be open to the public throughout the dates of November 10th-20th, at the Community Outreach Center (the corner of Main Street and Edgemont) on Adams State Campus. Products made by creative people around the San Luis Valley and Taos Communities will be shown at the event, with some available for purchase. A very wide variety of products will be shown, but all will be composed of recycled material.

The expo will be open to the public during normal business hours, and all community members are invited to come and view such products as handbags made crocheted from plastic grocery bags, Retablos crafted from old classroom chairs, and wreaths made from repurposed cowboy boots. A reception for the Expo will be held from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 15th, coinciding with America Recycles Day. A recycled materials fashion show will be held during the November 15th reception.

During the week leading up to National Recycle Day, ASU EARTH group will collect cans and bottles from trash receptacles around campus that could have been placed in recycle bins. EARTH will display those bottles and cans at the Student Union Building (1st & Stadium) on Friday, Nov. 14th from 11am to 1pm to demonstrate what material could have been easily recycled.

Come to ASU campus to see recycled products available and to learn about the campus recycle collection program between Nov. 10th and Nov. 20th. Call us at 587-7372 for more information.

"Talk Straight with Adams State"

"Talk Straight with Adams State" is an ongoing series of community forums designed to develop a continuous dialogue between Adams State and the community of the San Luis Valley. The purpose of these forums is to determine ways in which the University can assist the community in meeting their needs, to pool resources and to collaborate in efforts to improving the standard of living for everyone in the San Luis Valley. Outcomes expected from these forums include: increased community awareness of what Adams State has to offer; reduction of overlap of community services, greater coordination and partnership in area projects, more input into how Adams State programs can be improved and increased communication. Initially the forums were funded through Adams State's Office of the President; currently they are funded through Adams State's office of Community Partnerships. We were awarded seed money from Anschutz Foundation for this effort along with funding from HUD's Office of University Partnerships.

Forums to Date:

"Community Partnerships Solar Exposition"

Information provided at link below.

"Moving Colorado's Renewable Energy Agenda Forward"

"State of the Valley Healthcare"

- Outcomes: Increase dialogue between healthcare professionals with the San Luis Valley; variety of perspectives voiced and heard; issues effected healthcare access explained; 40 people attended on 9/13/2005.

- Action Taken: Additional questions not addressed during the forum were answered by the panel and posted on Adams State's website.

- Results: Forum resulted in public meetings held by healthcare professionals regarding single payer system.

"Arts in the San Luis Valley"

- Outcomes: Obtained suggestions regarding Adams State's art program and how the University can support the Valley arts; 105 people in attendance on 6/21/2005.

- Action Taken: Grant written to include community arts coordinator, exhibit and meeting space for area artists.

- Results: Arts and culture community arts position formed and filled at Adams State; continuous dialogue and input obtained for support of the arts activities; collaborate community art exhibits are being planned.

"Collaborating with Conejos County"

- Outcomes: Provided resource information regarding the Veterans, low-interest loan, All-about-Mortgages and ASU's Business Support programs to attendees; formed new partnership between the S.P.M.D.T.U. and the University; Created goodwill by conducting the forum outside of Alamosa; 75 people attended on 3/2/2005.

- Action Taken: Disseminated input regarding Conejos needs to "One Land, One Plan" committee; provided business support services to two participants of the forum; made plans to conduct community meetings to support the "Ganas" youth group and story circles.

"Economic development efforts in the San Luis Valley"

- Outcomes: Dissemination of information regarding each economic development's plans for the future and activities; Obtained list of potential volunteers and feedback on improvements; 135 people in attendance on 3/2/2005.

- Action Taken: Follow-up meeting with Economic development groups; visioning meetings held with every county represented; debriefing meeting of planning committee; developed and distributed contact info of all the economic organizations throughout the Valley.

- Results: Coalition of economic development groups formed that has representation from every county in the Valley; Valley vision statement drafted; all information shared to 'One Plan-One Land' effort for national funding support; increase in number of volunteers working on economic development efforts.

"How can ASU better serve the community of the San Luis Valley?"

- Outcomes: Working list of short and long-term ways of which Adams State can better assist the community; 162 people in attendance on 9/23/2004.

- Action Taken: Information used to plan future forums around industry sectors; subcommittees formed for addressing partnerships with area non-profits.

- Results: Valley Community Fund (association of Valley non-profits) moved on campus and is partnering with the University on various volunteer and community support projects.