Adams State University Community Partnerships is proud to partner with Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development (SEED) Park, International in bringing new economic activity to the San Luis Valley.

In this partnership, both organizations are working to establish a model agricultural-industrial business park in which each business makes use of another's underutilized byproducts so that nearly no waste is produced. This will bring new industry to the San Luis Valley, provide for creative and unique business types based on the type of byproducts produced, and help keep the valley's environment clean.

To learn about SEED please visit the following link to a video created by Adams State University Students

What is A SEED Park Video 

SEED Park, International and ASU Community Partnerships Board Members

James Mietz, SEED Park Board of Directors President-Mr. Mietz is retired from USDA as Coordinator of San Luis Valley Resource Conservation and Development with 33 years of total service. He provided technical assistance to farmers and ranchers for 12 years at USDA before coordinating the SLV RC&D program. Mr. Mietz earned a Master’s Degree in Forestry from Syracuse University. He is dedicated to providing sustainable education and to the concept of zero waste economic development. Mr. Mietz has a great deal of experience working with environmental and economic development in the San Luis Valley. He will serve as a technical resource for this project to land use and park development information.

Nick Parker, Ph.D., SEED Park Board of Directors Vice President-Dr. Parker earned his doctorate in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Texas A&M University; he obtained a Master’s Degree in Science from Memphis State University. His primary interests are rural economic development, integrated agriculture systems, value-added products and renewable energy.  Dr. Parker taught science at Texas Tech. He is now Chief Science Officer for Global Scientific, a private consulting company that specializes in sustainable agricultural system development.  Dr. Parker will serve as an agricultural systems and value added resource for this project.

Roger Doane, Board Member-Mr. Doane is the former president of the Monte Vista Production Credit Association, and has worked in the production credit industry for 20 years. He is also a former Board Member of the San Luis Valley’s USDA Resource Conservation and Development Council, where he became familiar and interested in the SEED Park project. Mr. Doane will serve as a financial projections resource for this project.

Erwin Young, Board Member-Mr. Young, having a background in engineering, physics and manufacturing, has started and operated many businesses in the San Luis Valley, including Colorado Gators.  Mr. Young’s business focus throughout the years has been the application of renewable energy, including solar, geothermal and biomass.  Many of his business are working models for clean energy and zero waste.  Since retiring as a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Young is dedicated to assisting the San Luis Valley in economic development. He will serve as a business outreach and sustainability resource for this project.

Gordon Bosa, Board Member- Mr. Bosa has been licensed to practice law in Colorado since 1978 and has a wealth of experience in business organization and water rights. He has generously given of his time to assist SEED Park in business organization of both non-profit and for-profit entities.

John Bricker, CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor), Board Member-Mr. Bricker is Colorado Educated, University of Colorado, Boulder, and has almost 40 years in the Insurance and Financial Service Industry. During that tenure, Mr. Bricker never had a single complaint before any State or Federal Regulatory Body. He currently is sole owner of the Three Barrel Brewing Co., started in 2005, as a manufacturing craft brewery in Del Norte, CO, and is long-time member of the Colorado Brewers Guild. Three Barrel Brewing Co has grown from a single employee to seven, and Mr. Bricker prides himself on being a start-up business in this day and age where the social and economic pitfalls are too numerous to mention.

Noel Dunne, Interim Secretary Treasurer-Mr. Dunne is the co-founder of the San Luis Valley Immigration Resource Center. Mr. Dunne served as a missioner/community organizer in Barrios of Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru, facilitating small cooperative business in Barrios. In the Amazon of Peru, Mr. Dunne developed mid-sized cooperatives along the Ucayali River, and registered 35 river communities as legal entities. In the Andes, Mr. Dunne assisted in developing a major wool products business for the community (4000 head of sheep). He obtained export licenses and marketed the community products in Munich, Germany’s Artisan Fair. Mr. Dunne earned his Theology MA in Denver 1992. He is the retired Executive Director of Christian Community Services. Christian Community Services was founded in the 1970’s to assist low income residents in obtaining employment, starting businesses and linking resources.

Marvin Reynolds, Board Member-Mr. Reynolds is the Area Director for Range and Natural Resource Management with the San Luis Valley and Pueblo County extensions of Colorado State University.  Previously, he’s also served as the Livestock, Range, and Natural Resources Extension agent.  He is responsible for leading in administration and providing educational programs.  His expertise lies in environmental education, agricultural economics, and livestock management, among other areas.  He has eighteen years of experience implementing sustainable and educational programs through CSU Extension and brings that expertise, along with necessary connections with CSU faculty, resources, and information, to the SEED Park.