Business Support Projects

Community Gallery

The Business Support Center also hosts a community art gallery, providing a venue for artists to get their products exposure to the public. The gallery hosts almost entirely local artists, and has a new show each month. These shows typically run for the duration of each month, and include a reception with refreshments. These art shows allow local artists the opportunity to advertise and sell their work, with ASU Community Partnerships providing overall organization and marketing for the event.

Southern Colorado Film Commission

The SoCo’s mission is to facilitate film production in the San Luis Valley in order to increase tourism and increase clean, economic development. The film industry benefits economic development by patronizing hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, and leads to a boost in tourism. SoCo is a member of the Colorado Film Commission and is comprised of local business owners and economic development organizations. SoCo represents the San Luis Valley at the International Film Locations Expo in Los Angeles, maintains a database of area photos, provides location scouting services, and responds to the Colorado Film Commission’s inquires about the region. ASU Community Partnerships provides organizational and operational support, helping plan and implement marketing activities, conduct community outreach and more.

S.E.E.D. Park

The Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development (SEED) Park is an non-profit organization comprised of local farmers, ranchers and business people. SEED’s mission is to education the community regarding clean economic development. A long term goal of SEED is to establish an agricultural industrial complex with zero waste. Community Partnerships staff has been instrumental in the initial organization of the group, assisting the board members with developing bylaws, applications for licenses, registrations, and their currently pending 501(c)3 status.

San Luis Valley Museum

ASU Community Partnerships coordinated two faculty open house events to promote the San Luis Valley Museum. Our staff coordinated a marketing student with Dr. Richard Vallone's class. The class made two presentations on the marketing plan, the first to our Business Support Center and a few members of the museum’s management and the board, the second to the entire board. The plan itself is forty-two pages long, divided into fourteen parts. It contains such subjects as the current market situation as it relates to the museum, prospective marketing strategies for the museum, recommended changes and advancements to make, and relevant published research. The San Luis Valley Museum has accepted this plan, and is currently in the process of executing some of the recommendations therein.

One of those recommendations, and the first of which we are involved with, is that of creating a webpage. We connected a graduate student who needs to create a webpage as part of a class project to the SLV Museum. We presented the student with a list of organizations who need a webpage, and he chose to create a webpage for the SLV Museum. Currently, we are working with them, gathering information and examples for the museum to use as a template for their website, the construction of which will begin shortly.

EPA SLV Sustainability Research Project

Fall 2007

A team of EPA researchers are involved in a three year study of sustainability, using the SLV as a pilot study. When asked the reason why the Valley was chosen, Dr. Cabezas, project lead, says "It is much easier to steer a small boat than a large ship" The result of the study will be a computer model that will measure the rate a community goes towards sustainability or away from sustainability.

Through discussions with Marie Zanowick, EPA Rep, ASU Community Partnerships determined how best ASU could support their efforts. Concerned with public mis-information about the project and EPA perception, our staff proposed a class study around SLV current perception of the EPA in order to gauge any change to the perception from the sustainability project to new professor of marketing, Professor Pat McIntyre. Professor McIntyre's class accepted the project and is in the early stages of development. We will fund the project as part of our service learning objectives.

Creede Theatre

Spring 2007

ASU Community Partnerships coordinated and funded Professor Vallone's Marketing Class project involving the Creede Repertory Theatre (CRT). The marketing class student team researched potential markets which would diversify CRT funding. The student team toured CRT and developed marketing ideas that CRT might consider implementing.

Rio Grande Weaving Industry Study

Spring 2007

The Rio Grande Weaving cottage industry was the focus of another marketing student coordinated by ASU Community Partnerships. A team of ASU students surveyed San Luis Valley artists regarding the need for studio space for this cultural art. Fifty-four respondents completed the survey and indicated a need for art gallery space. The students recommended supplemental products and services such as coffee shop, weaving book and supply sales to augment the business.

Solar Industry

Summer 2007

ASU Community Partnerships obtained participation from a finance class to provide a solar development service to the community. Project REVISE is a class project of ASU Students used to calculate the value of solar energy systems placed on homes and commercial buildings in order to assist buyers and sellers of real estate. Information was disseminated at the Solar Expo also coordinated by ourselves. Members of the student finance group include Eric Christian, Zach Deherrera, Kathleen Melgares, Matt Semsack, Seth Wilcock, and Yolanda Villagomez.