Middle and High School English Teachers' Conference

Active Learning

This conference is open to all K-12 teachers, to college instructors, and all ASU faculty.

1 Day FREE Conference - April 13, 2018

McDaniel Hall 101, 8:30 am to 1 pm

Call for papers on best classroom practices. 

Teachers are invited to present a 15-minute paper on their best lesson or unit in English, Theatre, or Communication. Creative submissions are welcomed as well.

(Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2018)

Light breakfast and lunch provided for all participants. This event is free and open to the public. All registration costs covered by Adams State University.

If you have any dietary restrictions or other special needs, please make note on your registration in the space provided.

Presentation Submissions:

Presentations and a poster session will cover relevant topics in active learning in middle and high school English pedagogy. To submit to the poster session or a 15-20 minute presentation related to this theme go to adams.edu/conference. A cash honorarium will be awarded to the best paper submission as chosen by the conference committee and to the best poster as chosen by the attendees. Deadline for submission is Sunday, April 1st

Poster Session Participants: Participation is open to all conference attendees. Participants will create a poster about a best practice dealing with Active Learning and covering any topic relevant to middle and high school pedagogy not to exceed 800 words. You will not be expected to create an accompanying poster talk; instead, your poster will be on display throughout the day for attendees to observe and judge. Please arrive with your poster printed and ready to be mounted.

Poster Session Information

Credit available for conference attendance and reflection: 

Opportunity for English teachers to earn 1/2 credit. Requirement for credit: attend conference, reflect on sessions attended, submit a lesson plan. Reflections and lesson plan will be due by May 3, 2018. Rubric for assignment will be available on conference day. Stop by our table between 8:00 and 8:30 am to register.

Keynote address - Mr. Alex  Burkart, Theatre Artist / Educator.

Alex Burkart, a theatre artist, educator, storyteller and founder of the Los Angeles New Court Theater who has worked with Edward Albee and Adam Sandler, will deliver the keynote address, "The Acting Key: Allowing Students to Not Only Unlock the Door to Themselves, but Others, and the World." The address will focus on the theatrical performance concepts of imagination, collaboration, deconstruction, picturization, and textual analysis, and how acting can be a potent tool for promoting critical literacy and social emotional learning. Burkart will emphasize that getting students to activate and to take responsibility for their own education can be experiential, rather than clinical.