Call for Submissions

“Best Practices” 15 minute papers can include topics such as:

  • Approaches to teaching specific novels 
  • Teaching difficult poetry / stories  Teaching difficult topics 
  • Teaching works outside the canon 
  • Teaching works by minority writers 
  • Designing lessons from current events 
  • From novel to film / film adaptations 
  • Language variety / dialects 
  • Using social media in the classroom 
  • Using Literacy Design Collaborative Modules 
  • Approaches to teaching specific writers 
  • Teaching to the standards / beyond the standards
  • Using / teaching secondary sources 
  • Teaching the oral presentation 
  • Teaching students how to debate 
  • Successful group projects 
  • Stage production 
  • Fact-checking: using reliable sources 
  • My best lesson plan / unit plan 
  • Making the classics contemporary 
  • Ten-minute plays 
  • My best writing prompts 
  • Sharing our classroom stories and readings of our creative works
You can both register for the conference, and submit an abstract for a presentation using the Event / Speaker Registration form.