CIELO Connections

The Adams State Faculty & Staff Mentoring Program

The purpose of CIELO Connections is to assist new or mid-career faculty and professional staff with adapting to and growing throughout their lives as members of the Adams State University community. At the same time, mentors receive personal and professional satisfaction via involvement with his/her mentee.

To this end, CIELO Connections will help to retain faculty and staff and foster their professional growth by:

  • introducing them to the campus and the surrounding communities;
  • fostering personal and professional networks within and across academic disciplines and administrative departments;
  • providing information and resources that promote professional growth and development;
  • communicating the policies and procedures that are relevant to their respective work environments;
  • offering strategies to help establish a healthy balance between life and work;
  • co-navigating the processes for reappointment, tenure, and promotion;
  • encouraging a sense of community that, in turn, helps to increase campus morale.

Please see the full CIELO Connections description in the pdf document:

CIELO Connection Mentors

CIELO Connection Mentors are expected to be reasonably knowledgeable about the ASU campus culture and the various resources that are available to faculty and staff. Mentors should possess excellent interpersonal skills, have the ability to exercise good judgment, be willing to invest time, and share personal experiences.

If you would like to be considered as a Mentor in the CIELO Connections Program, please complete the online Mentor Application.

CIELO Connection Mentees

CIELO Connection Mentees are individuals who are new to campus or at mid-level in his/her career who are interested in receiving personalized support and professional guidance. Mentees should be willing and open to share professional goals and career plans with their Mentors.

If you would like to be considered as  Mentee in the CIELO Connections Program, please complete the online Mentee Application.

Application Dates

Accepting applications between April 14-28, 2014. Mentors/mentees will be notified of their matches by May 12, 2014.

The orientation (mentor/mentee meet and greet) will be during New Faculty Orientation the week before Fall 2014 semester begins.

For More Information

Please contact Beez Schell at for more information.