CIELO - President's Advisory Group

Current members:


  • Tawney Becker, Grant Specialist 
  • Dr. Renee Beeton, Associate Professor of Chemistry 
  • Nick Saenz, Assistant Professor of History 
  • Andrea Benton-Maestas, Title V PPOHA Activities Director 
  • Aaron Abeyta, Associate Professor of English/Communications 
  • Dr. Kristy Duran, Associate Professor of Biology/Earth Sciences Dep 
  • Aaron Miltenberger, Director of Student Life and Recreation 
  • Dr. Matthew Nehring, Professor of Physics 
  • Margaret Doell, Assistant Vice President Academic Affairs

New appointees:

  • Shannon Heersink, Assistant Director Human Resources 
  • Dr. James Doyle, Assistant Professor of Music 
  • Maria McMath Title V Caminos Grant Activity Director 
  • Oneyda Maestas, C.A.S.A. Coordinator/Student Advocate Office of Enrollment Management 
  • Elisabeth “Lis” Tomlin, Director Counseling & Career Services

 Transitioning off:

  • Dr. Carol Murphy, Liaison for Diversity and Inclusion Office of the President, Emeritus Professor
  • Lillian Gomez, Executive Director Title V Grant Initiatives 
  • "Beez" Lea Ann Schell, Department Chair / Professor Human Performance & Phys Ed, Project Director Title V Conexiones Grant 
  • Mark Pittman, Assistant Director of Housing - Residence Life