EdTechTeam is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering other educators. EdTechTeam Online was launched to provide an online professional development experience on par with the face-to-face experiences EdTechTeam has offered for years. EdTechTeam Online provides flexible online learning for educators on the most relevant topics, content, trends, and best practice learning principles in the classroom today.


Overview of services

Just in Time Courses:​ EdTechTeam offers anytime, anywhere, any pace learning to help you advance your skills and knowledge. Our courses include 15 hours of deep learning, application, and authenticity. Each course will connect you to global experts on its topic and involve you a valuable and supportive learning community.

Teacher Leader Certificate: ​​EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Certificate is an online cohort that will inspire and empower teachers to make a difference in their classroom and change their learning environment. This 12-week cohort will embrace emerging technology, current research and best practices to take an organic look at how teachers can successfully guide students to optimum success and learning. Teachers will spend two weeks on each of the 6 courses: Global Collaboration and Community, Project Based Learning, Flipped Learning, Visual Literacy, Assessment and Redesigning the Learning Space.

Book Studies:​​Take a closer look at the books that are being published with EdTechTeam Press and then join the authors in an online course to dig deeper into the content.


Do I have to apply to Adams State University in order to receive graduate credit for my EdTechTeam course?

No. Simply register to receive ASU graduate credit after your have signed up for the course here. 

How do I register for ASU graduate credit?

First, sign up for the course or courses of your choosing from ​www.edtechteam.online​.

Then, after signing up for the course, a link to register for the credit through Adams State University will be sent to you. Please register right away to make sure you will not have any delays with receiving your grade or transcript.

NOTE:​ It is extremely important that you provide ASU with the same email address and name used to enroll with EdTechTeam. Failure to do so could hinder receipt of your final grade by ASU and result in a delay of the release of your transcript.

How much does an EdTechTeam Course and the graduate credit from Adams State University cost?

A one credit course with EdTechTeam is $149. One graduate credit from Adams State is an additional $55.

How long will it take to get my transcripts?

After finishing the course, it will take about 2-3 week to receive your transcripts.