InnEdCO Graduate Credit Registration Information

Adams State University is delighted to align graduate credit to the 2017 InnEdCO Conference. This is an exciting opportunity for educators to receive academic credit for this 3-4 day conference. We have 0.5 semester hours of credit available per day starting with the Pre-Conference and ending with Day Three of the Full Conference. If participants are attending Pre & Full Conference, that translates to 2.0 semester hours of credit.

How do I get ASU graduate credit?

1. You must first be officially registered for the:

2. Register for ASU credit:

Select dates and toggle all that apply on the ASU registration page:

June 12, 2017:

Pre-Conference 0.5 semester hour avail. Tuition: $27.50

June 13, 2017:

Full Conference: Day 1 0.5 semester hour avail. Tuition: $27.50

June 14, 2017:

Full Conference: Day 2 0.5 semester hour avail. Tuition: $27.50

June 15, 2017:

Full Conference: Day 3 0.5 semester hour avail. Tuition: $27.50

3. Reflection Question

In order to receive full conference credit, participants must complete a response to the following reflection question: “Reflect on and describe how you will implement the knowledge and/or skill gained in this conference. Provide examples.”

Reflection assignments are due by June 30, 2017 at 5PM

ASU will work with Sheila Bowman, Instructor of Record/ Registration Chairperson, to ensure participants enrolled, paid, participated in the conference, and completed the required reflection assignment. Grades will then be recorded and a FREE official transcript will be mailed upon successful completion. Additional copies are available by going to this website

InnEdCO CONTACT: Sheila Bowman, Registration Chairperson –

Adams State University CONTACT: Renae Haslett, Director of Special Projects