Adams State Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification


Adams State and the Colorado Historical Society's Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC) are joining forces to offer you the opportunity to receive graduate credit for your professional work:

Adams State is an accredited college delivering high-quality, professional development courses globally.

PAAC is designed to be a mutually beneficial educational program for avocational and 
professional archaeologists.

Together, we can offer you quality courses that serve your professional needs at your at convenience.  

in the field

All PAAC courses are taught by the Assistant State Archaeologist (who is also the State Training Coordinator for PAAC) of the Colorado Historical Society. No

No course is currently offered in an on-line format.

Before you begin, please note, college credit requires full-time attendance and passing a final exam with a minimum score of 80%. Courses on each PAAC schedule will be listed in the Extended Studies Program website as well. Contact the Local PAAC Coordinator, the State Training Coordinator, or Adams State University for further information.

Before registering, please check the current PAAC schedule for available classes as only some of the courses are offered in any given six-month period. Then click on the Register button below to enroll for college credit.

Please note that you must also register separately for each PAAC course through the appropriate Local PAAC Coordinator to reserve a place in a course.

Adams State approved courses include: