How will I receive proof of credit?

Upon receipt of a final grade from PBS, a complimentary, official transcript will automatically be sent to you at the mailing address you provide during registration. The time frame for receiving grades varies depending on the facilitator. If you have a deadline to meet, please contact ASU in advance to discuss your particular situation and your options.

How will my graduate credit be reflected on a transcript?

Graduate credit for PBS courses are reflected on an official ASU transcript under a pure or blended prefix (depending on course content) coupled with a “589” numerical designation. The number “589” is indicative of a graduate level course.


PBS Course / MATH 512: Achieving Learning Goals through Accomplished Mathematics Instruction

ASU Transcript Listing: MAED 589: Achvng Lrng Goals/Math Instruction

How do I order additional transcripts, expedite transcripts, or have transcripts issued to a third party?

You may get more information about ordering additional transcripts by visiting the ASU Records information page at:
NOTE: ASU Extended Studies cannot expedite or issue complimentary transcripts to a third party. Please access the link above for information on meeting such requests.