Business Administration Minor
18 semester hours
Non-Business Majors Only

A minor in Business Administration requires 18 hours in Business (BUS) and/or Economics (ECON).

Required courses (12 semester hours):

BUS 103: Introduction to Business
BUS 207: Principles of Accounting I
BUS 361: Principles of Management
ECON 255: Macroeconomic Principles

Plus six (6) semester hours from the following (may, but need not, come from the same subgroup):

BUS 208: Principles of Accounting II 
BUS 307: Managerial Cost Accounting I 
BUS 355: Fundamentals of Income Taxation

BUS 312: Web Design I 
BUS 320: Business Computer Applications II 

BUS 363: Managerial Finance 
BUS 373: Investment Analysis 

BUS 362: Human Resource Management
BUS 365: Small Business Management 

BUS 304: Principles of Marketing 
BUS 450: Service Marketing

BUS 318: Business Statistics 
BUS 430: Production/Operations Management 

BUS 211: Business Law
BUS 265: Business Communications
BUS 386: Principles of Real Estate 
ECON 256: Microeconomic Principles

A minor is an optional, supplemental addition to a declared bachelor major for degree seeking student. If you are a degree seeking student that would like to add a minor to your education plan, please contact your assigned student advisor at