Marketing Minor
18 semester hours
Business Majors Only

A minor in marketing requires 18 hours in business and/or economics, of which a minimum of 15 must be in marketing. All 18 hours may be in marketing.

Minimum of 15 credit hours from the following:

BUS 304: Principles of Marketing
BUS 315: Sales and Sales Management
BUS 335: Consumer Behavior
BUS 345: Advertising 
BUS 356: Retailing 
BUS 379: Current Topics in Marketing 
BUS 385: Sports Marketing 
BUS 441: International Marketing 
BUS 450: Services Marketing 
BUS 454: Market Research and Information  
BUS 460: Marketing Management

Plus 3 semester hours of 300/400 level Business (BUS) or Economics (ECON) approved by your advisor.

A minor is an optional, supplemental addition to a declared bachelor major for degree seeking student. If you are a degree seeking student that would like to add a minor to your education plan, please contact your assigned student advisor at