Self-Assessment for Distance Learners

Many students find distance learning suits their needs and learning style and they are quite successful in meeting their goals of completing individual courses or a baccalaureate or graduate degree. However, some students find that this form of delivery is not appropriate for them. Completing the following self-assessment may help you determine if this form of delivery will meet your lifestyle and learning style.

  • I need to take college courses for important reasons, such as career advancement or a new job. Yes / No
  • I have some previous college credits and would like to complete what I started some time ago. Yes / No
  • I need flexibility in attending an education program. Yes / No
  • I learn well independently, without the need for regular interaction with other students or faculty. Yes / No
  • I have an environment conducive to study at home or at my place of work. Yes / No
  • I am able to communicate well in written form. Yes / No
  • I have the time management skills necessary to balance course work with my personal and professional life. Yes / No
  • I am able to maintain self-discipline and self-motivation. Yes / No
  • I will be able to regularly schedule the time necessary to complete my course(s). Yes / No
  • I would like to complete my course(s) or degree as quickly as possible. Yes / No

Making a decision to take courses through a distance learning program requires an honest appraisal of your commitment, motivation and time-management skills. If you were able to answer "Yes" to most of the questions, then you could be a good candidate for completing your course(s) or degree through distance learning.

If you had a high number of "No" answers, then you might want to consider re-evaluating your decision to explore distance learning options. Perhaps starting in a class-room environment might be more suitable for you at this time. After you have had some success in the classroom you could then consider adding distance learning courses to your schedule. Whatever your decision, we wish you success!