Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Social Welfare Emphasis Degree Requirements

All requirements for the distance degree program are the same as those for the same degree on the campus. Distance degree program students are subject to all ASU policies, deadlines and graduation requirements, except where noted.

  • You will be required to complete 30 Adams State University semester credits which may be met by completing ASU Independent study or online courses approved and listed on the website or other publications.
  • Course credits earned through the distance degree program are entered on the student record without distinction between on-campus and off campus courses.
  • ASU credits earned in off-campus course are considered to be the same as those earned in on-campus courses for the purpose of meeting residency or other requirements in degree programs of the institution.

Degree Program Total Credit Requirements

  • General Education - 37 credits
  • Major - Sociology - 34 credits
  • Sociology Electives - 6 credits
  • Social Welfare Emphasis - 12 credits
  • General Electives - 31 credits

Sociology Core (34 credits):

*LS 225: Research Skills for the Behavioral Sciences (1 credit)
SOC 201: Sociological Imagination (3 credits)
SOC 245: Criminology (3 credits)
SOC 251: Social Problems/Social Welfare Strategies (3 credits)
***SOC 311: Social Statistics (4 credits)
SOC 340: Readings in Sociology (2 credits)
SOC 365: Race, Culture, and Ethnicity (3 credits)
SOC 395: Pre-Professional Seminar (2 credits)
SOC 401: Social Psychology (3 credits)
SOC 419: Gender and Society (3 credits)
SOC 445: Sociological Theory (3 credits)
*SOC 455: Sociological Research Methods (4 credits)

Sociology Electives (6 credits):

SOC 305: Rural Sociology (3 credits)
SOC 315: Sociology of Education (3 credits)
SOC 318: Race, Class, and Gender (3 credits)
SOC 320: Marriages and Families (3 credits)
SOC 379/479: Special Topics in Sociology (3 credits)
SOC 425: Environment and Society (3 credits)
SOC 444: Deviance and Social Control (3 credits)
SOC 479: Field Studies (3 credits)
  • For students choosing the Social Welfare emphasis; SOC 346, SOC 347, and SOC 447 are available as Sociology electives

Social Welfare Emphasis (12 credits):

SOC 352: Human Behavior & Social Environment (3 credits)
SOC 370: Poverty and Social Inequality (3 credits)
SOC 470: Social Welfare Policy (3 credits)
SOC 493: Internship in Social Welfare (3 credits)

General Electives

General Electives may be approved transfer credits or courses taken from ASU. General electives are credits that are required, but not used elsewhere in the degree program.

Writing Proficiency

Quality of research papers in SOC 245 and SOC 251 determine whether or not a student has met the writing requirement.

Note: Degree must include 42 upper division (300/400 level) credits. To receive credit, all course major grades must be passing (C or better). A minimum of 30 credits must be ASU credits for the BA or BS degree.

* LS 225 is a prerequisite/co-requisite for SOC 245, SOC 251, and SOC 455.

***BUS 120 is a prerequisite for SOC 311. In addition, MATH 106 is the recommended math prerequisite for SOC 311.

Total credits required for graduation: 120 credits

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