Women's Studies Minor
18 semester hours

Required course (3 semester hours):

*WS 294: Women and the American Experience
(WS 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies may be substituted with permission of Advisor and Director of Women’s Studies)

Plus 15 semester hours of the chosen from the following elective courses:

AR 367: Women in Art History
CRJ 309: Women, Crime and Law
ENG 385: Women and Literature 
*POLS 379: Family Law 
POLS 393: Women, Politics and Culture
*HIST 320: History of American Women
PSYC 360: Psychology of Gender
*SOC 318: Race, Class, and Gender 
*SOC 320: Marriage and Families 
*SOC 380: Family Violence
*SOC 419: Gender in Society
THTR 255: Women and Drama

* Available through Extended Studies

A minor is an optional, supplemental addition to a declared bachelor major for degree seeking student. If you are a degree seeking student that would like to add a minor to your education plan, please contact your assigned student advisor at distanceadvisor@adams.edu.