About Us / Who We Are

Center for Teaching, Innovation and Research 

The Center for Teaching, Innovation, and Research was established in 2015 to support professional development efforts across campus. Programming offered by the center is primarily designed and delivered by the Faculty Development Committee.

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) is a service commitment for a small group of faculty and staff chaired by the Professional Development Activity Director for Title V. This committee was originally established in fall 2011 by the grassroots effort of a group of faculty and staff. In 2013 we began facilitating New Faculty Orientation and offering year-long professional development programming including an annual retreat in January of 2014.

This committee’s work is generously supported by Title V and the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Our mission is to support Adams State University’s value of “excellence in teaching and learning” and Strategic Plan institutional goals 2015-2020::

  1. Goal 1: Academic excellence 
  2. Goal 2: Student Success 
  3. Goal 3: Personal and Professional Development

Committee Members:

  • Renee Beeton (Chemistry) 
  • Leslie Cramblet Alvarez (Psychology, Chair, Professional Development Activity Director, Title V) 
  • Geoff Johnson (Nielsen Library) 
  • Nick Saenz (HAPPS)
  • Carol Guerrero Murphy (President's Liaison for Diversity and Inclusion, Emeritus Professor)
  • Penny Sanders (Counselor Education, Mentoring Program Coordinator) 
  • Beez Schell (HPPE) 
  • Anna Torello (Title V support) 
  • Fonz Velasquez (AITC representative)
Contact Leslie Alvarez for more information. lcramblet@adams.edu