Parking Management Agent

Status: open

Job description

Mission: Assisting full time members of ASU PD in meeting its stated mission: The mission of Adams State University Police Department is: "In Stewardship of the authority with which we are entrusted; in partnership with the community we serve; to maintain a safe and orderly environment for learning and working."


  • Walking through the campus and campus buildings
  • Issue violation notices for violations of campus regulations
  • Assist ASU PD officers as directed including directing traffic, monitoring crowds at special events, etc.
  • Perform duties assigned by the Chief, ASU PD Officers, or the ASU PD Administrative Assistant.
  • Observe activities and conditions on campus; report suspicious, unusual, dangerous, or unlawful behavior or conditions
  • Escort campus citizens when requested for their personal safety
  • Operate electronic equipment including cell phone, PDAs, computers and digital cameras
  • Operate tools and equipment as issued and authorized for use
  • Testify in court or other judicial hearings including University proceedings

Conditions: Work is a combination of outside and inside work, frequently in inclement weather and during hours of darkness; close supervision by senior ASU PD members; sedentary office work; may encounter angry, upset, violent and intoxicated persons; must work in assigned uniform and comply with personal appearance requirements (uniform supplied by ASU PD).


  •  Age 18 or older
  • Physically fit; height proportional to weight; must agree to a physical exam or show evidence of an exam within the past year prior to appointment
  • Must pass background check with references, former employers, character references
  • No significant criminal history; no domestic violence, assault, theft or extensive driving record; no drunk driving related offenses
  • Confidentiality agreement; must agree to keep all ASU PD information confidential regarding victims, perpetrators and ASU PD members
  • Must consent to pre-employment drug test and employee drug testing policy
  • Must consent to polygraph examination prior to and during employment
  • No recent illegal drug use, including marijuana
  • No recent history of abuse of alcohol, moderate or no current alcohol use
  • No recent history of abuse of prescription drugs
  • Non-smoker
  • Physically able to stand and walk for long periods of time, including up several flights of stairs
  • Normal vision and hearing acuity (glasses, contacts and hearing aids are permitted if assisted hearing and vision is within normal acuity ranges)
  • Must be able to maintain a professional appearance and exceptional hygiene
  • Must be able to walk the distance from the south extreme edge of campus to the north extreme edge of campus
  • Must have normal dexterity, balance and mobility in order to manipulate keys, locks and other equipment
  • Must agree to psychological evaluation prior to employment and during employment upon request of the Chief
  • Candidates must consent to a behavior contract that insures the proper professional association with ASU PD in a manner which does not bring harm to the reputation, effectiveness or operation of the ASU PD mission
  • Must pass a written test and interview process
  • Candidates, prior to appointment, must provide emergency medical information including all current medications; records must be kept current during employment
  • First Aid and CPR certification desirable
  • Must be able to think, act and speak clearly in stressful situations
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours, including weekends and late nights, keeping scheduled work commitments a priority

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