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* Attend tutor trainings, meetings, and workshops set by the SSS Director.
* Meet with student(s) on a one -to-one or group basis to give learning assistance.
* Visit class(es) you are tutoring and make contact with the instructor at least once to obtain any necessary course syllabi or materials.
* Document tutorial objectives, activities, and materials needed on the Tutor Report.
* Establish an organized study plan for student(s) as needed.
* Maintain appropriate and professional behavior at all times.
* Maintain exact records of times and dates worked (for pay verification).
* Complete other duties during shift as assigned by Academic Resource Center Lab Coordinator.


* Must be currently registered at Adams State University as an undergraduate or graduate student.
* Must serve as a role model (academically, work ethic, promptness, dedication) for students.
* Must be committed to helping students learn how to become independent and effective learners.
* Must have earned a 3.0 or higher for each course that will be tutored, and must maintain an overall 2.5 or higher GPA.
* Must provide at least one recommendation from faculty in the subject to be tutored.
* Must have Lab Coordinator evaluate several tutoring sessions.

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