The ASU Graduate School


The Graduate School, along with Adams State's dedicated faculty and staff, works to ensure access and opportunity for graduate study throughout Colorado and the United States. Our programs are recognized for their academic excellence and diverse delivery methods.

Adams State offers a variety of graduate degrees and programs through the following academic departments:

We have updated our course descriptions for the U.S. History program.

2017 Updated U.S. History Course Descriptions

We deliver our programs to suit your needs:

  • full or part-time
  • on campus, or at selected off-campus locations
  • summer programs
  • online
  • support for your academic success with the Center for Graduate Studies

The Graduate School serves our constituents by:

  • providing information to prospective students
  • admitting students to The Graduate School
  • processing graduate assistant applications
  • assisting with degree checks

Our mission is to serve you in a way that allows you to focus on what's important: Your education!