1st Steps to a Successful ASU Grant

3 Easy Steps to Approval

1. Fill out an:

2. Fill out a:

3. Submit to Jody Mortensen, Controller of Sponsored Programs

These steps will help keep everyone in the loop during the review/approval process.

Feel free to call or email Tawney Becker for any assistance needed (forms, electronic registration, filing, review, etc.).

For more in-depth assistance with grant writing please fill out the:

Here is what happens next...

  1. At this point you have assessed eligibility and determined any matching (cash or in-kind) requirements. You have outlined a realistic budget for the project.
  2. The Project Director/Principal Investigator (that is you) and the department chair/administrator have signed the Intent to Apply form
  3. The Intent to Apply form and the Proposed Grant Budget spreadsheet have been scanned/emailed or delivered to Jody Mortensen with a copy to Tawney Becker.
  4. The grant now goes through the review and signature process to:

    ----Jody Mortensen, Controller of Sponsored Programs

    ----Kurt Cary, VP of Administration and Finance

    ----Executive Council Representative.

    ----Cabinet Consent Agenda

  5. Contacting You -- You may be contacted at anytime during this review process if any questions arise. Once your Intent to Apply has received consent by Cabinet you will receive an email from the Administration & Finance office regarding the status of your approval.
  6. For a complete description of the policy: Grant Application Process and Incentive Pay Plan Policy.