Writing and Submitting Grants

Provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs

Helping with your grant needs by:

  • Assisting - Grant research and informational/planning meetings.

  • Developing - Grant proposal and budget development.

  • Writing - Tips on grant writing.

  • Reviewing - Review and approve grant and contract award documents.

  • Processing - Grant contract processing and award disbursement.

Connecting you to:

ASU Grant Management Policies

  • Projects and resources through guided team effort.

Grant Application Process and Incentive Pay Plan Policy:

It is the policy of Adams State University (ASU) to support institutional operations and growth, and academic pursuits that advance the University, through grants from public or private sources.

The Vice President of Finance and Governmental Relations/CFO, or designee, shall develop and maintain a manual(s) or website(s) that includes the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations that govern grant-seeking and grant implementation at ASU that is accessible to all employees and the public.

ASU shall ensure that new or revised policies and procedures concerning grant-seeking or grant implementation are made available to designated staff, the public, volunteers, and students prior to implementation.