Managing Your Grant

Clipart_Managing a grant

Just a few reminders, pointers and tips to help you map your way through your responsibilities for managing your grant:

This is important info for grant project directors and department directors.  Please read!!

  • When you as the Grant Project Director and your Department Director signed the Intent to Apply form you both agreed to follow the policies and procedures as listed in the Financial Management Guide, Chapter 14, Sponsored Programs (see link below).
  • When you applied and submitted your grant you also agreed to follow the policies and procedures dictated by the grantor.
  • Management of a grant requires following ASU, State of Colorado as well as benefactor policies and procedures.
  • Purchasing, budgeting and reporting are important aspects of proper grant management.
  • Please make sure to read over these important documents to ensure a smooth and successful grant....

Strongly Recommended Reading:

Also check out the Resources/Workshops webpage listed in the right nav for links to various Federal Agency Regulations as well as Per Diem guidelines.