HLC Comprehensive Visit Update/Date Change

Memo to Faculty / Staff - November 21, 2016

Faculty, Staff:

The HLC Steering Committee is diligently working to develop our Assurance Argument and prepare for the comprehensive visit from HLC scheduled for April 2017. The HLC Board is scheduled to review the site visit team's recommendations in February 2018.

However there is still considerable work to be done. The review of Extended Studies by Dr. Mathieu over the summer identified additional concerns related to distance education. Adams State has chosen to address these prior to the HLC visit. One of the actions taken was to close open enrollment online courses, effective October 2016. ASU is committed to honoring the 1-year time limit on these courses resulting in the last completers finishing in October 2017. Additional actions to address recommendations in the Mathieu report will be identified and implemented over the next year.

After reviewing the Mathieu report, the Colorado Department of Higher Education recommended that ASU request an extension for the comprehensive visit. Adams State has chosen to follow this advice. An extension will enable full implementation of any changes in Extended Studies and will maximize our ability to provide evidence that we meet all of the Criteria for Accreditation.

This extension has been granted by HLC and the new comprehensive visit date will be in November 2017. The revised timeline should still keep us on track for review by the HLC Board at it's February 2018 meeting. Adams State University remains accredited during this entire process and is optimistic that we will meet all HLC expectations