Current IRB Membership

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) committee member represents a distinct area of research. Each member serves as the contact person for his or her respective area of research. Prior to initiating research at Adams State University, faculty members, professional staff members, and students are required to first determine which discipline their research would be categorized. Once the area of research is determined, the researchers should consult the appropriate IRB member for all questions and submissions to the IRB.

Note: If a conflict of interest exists with the IRB member who represents your discipline or if the research being planned is outside of any of the disciplines represented on the committee, researchers should direct all questions and submissions to the Chair of the committee.


  • Anicia Alvarez (Teacher Education)
  • Chair: Beth Bonnstetter (Mass Communication)
  • Laura Bruneau (Counselor Education)
  • Jeff Elison (Psychology)
  • Alexey Leontyev (Chemistry)
  • Armando Valdez (Business)
  • Brian Zuleger (Human Performance & Physical Education)

All applications must be submitted five business days prior to the IRB meeting to Submissions submitted fewer than five days prior to the meeting will be considered at the next month's meeting.