Submitting Research to IRB

All research submitted to IRB will follow this process:

  1. Determine which discipline you are working in and who your IRB contact person is (see IRB membership roster)
  2. Complete the appropriate paperwork (see submission checklist)
  3. Submit the paperwork to your IRB contact. Your IRB contact will determine if your project falls into the “expedited” or “full board” categories and notify you of this decision within one week of submission.
  4. If your project has been determined to be “expedited” your projected will be forwarded to the Chair of the committee and a decision will be provided to you within 2 weeks of that action. (total decision time - 3 weeks from original submission)
  5. If your project had been determined to be “full board” the lead researcher of record will need to attend the next scheduled meeting of the IRB (see schedule of meetings) and be ready to answer questions about the research. At this meeting the board will vote and determine if the request for research had been: denied, granted, or granted with revisions. (total decision time – up to 1.5 months from original submission depending on date of meeting)