Computer Policies

  • Age Policy

    No age restrictions are placed on usage of the research computers. Two are located by the reference desk (second floor) and one on the third floor.

    Laptops may only be checked out by individuals who are 18 or older.

  • Viewing Policy

    As long as their activities are not illegal or against campus policies, patrons may view whatever they wish on the computers. It is not the library staff's responsibility to determine what is and is not suitable for viewing.

  • Food, Drink & Tobacco Products

    The computers in the first floor classroom and in the second floor student lab are governed by the policies set for all student computer labs: no food; no tobacco; drinks only if in a container with a lid.

  • Campus Policies

    All users must comply with ASU's Computing Services Policies. A few of the applicable policies are shown below.

    01.A.4.a. Violating activities - Computing resources may not be used for any activity that violates state or federal laws. Such activities include, but are not limited to intimidating, threatening or harassing individuals, or violating the college's policies concerning relationships between college constituencies.

    01.A.4.b. Money-making - College computing resources may not be used for money-making or commercial purposes.

    01.A.4.c. Infringing Usage - Every user is expected to use the computing facilities in a manner which does not infringe upon use of those facilities by other people and which does not waste "soft" resources (e.g., computer time) or "hard'' resources (e.g., paper, disk space, documentation materials). Examples would be the repeated transfer of large files that cause network congestion, game playing activity that "hogs" excessive bandwidth or the printing of multiple copies of large documents.