Article Basics

What is an article?

An article is a section of a publication such as a magazine, newspaper, or journal that conveys current research and information. Many professors expect students to use articles when writing their papers; identifying the best articles to use is a skill that can take many years to master.

Knowing how to identify scholarly articles, identify primary and secondary sources, evaluate websites, and cite sources can save hours of fruitless searching and will ultimately make for a better final product.

Finding articles on a topic

Nielsen Library subscribes to a number of article databases that let you search for articles by topic.

An article database is a website that contains the abstracts and full text of articles from thousands of magazines and journals, many revolving around a single topic such as health.

You can find articles on your topic by using related keywords. For example, keywords for the topic "The health benefits of running" might include the terms running, health benefits, aerobic exercise and prevention.

Finding a specific article or a specific journal

The best way to find the full text of a specific article is to search first by the journal name, then by the volume, issue, and page number.

Journals can be found by searching the journal search.

Print journals are shelved alphabetically on the second floor of the library on the west side of the building.

Journal, volume, issue, and page number information is usually found in the article citation.

From University of Missouri Libraries

If you do not have the journal name or volume information of the article, try finding the article by searching EBSCOhost and Google Scholar using the information available.

If you cannot find the full text of the article you are looking for, but you have full citation information, you can fill out an Article Request Form