Use Advanced Search

There are some advanced search features that are very common and are used by nearly all search engines and databases. However, different systems sometimes implement these features in different ways. See each system's help page for more details. 

Search Operators

Boolean Logic

AND limits results to items containing all search terms.

Example: zombies AND ninjas will return only results that contain both terms

OR broadens results to include any search terms.

Example: zombies OR ninjas will return results that contain either term

NOT limits results by excluding a term from the results.

Example: zombies NOT ninjas will return only results that contain zombies, but not ninjas

Wildcards & Truncation

A wildcard symbol can be used to replace characters or words in a search term.

Example: ne*t will return results for neat, nest, and next.

Truncation uses a symbol in place of the end of a word, to get results for all the ways the word could end.

Example: librar* will return results for library, libraries, librarian, librarianship, etc.


Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.


Limits help you narrow your search results by eliminating certain results based on criteria you choose.

Some common limits include language, date, format, and publication.

Example: Set the language limit to Spanish to only get results in Spanish. 

Advanced Search Help