What is the Nielsen Library Faculty Liaison Program?

The Nielsen Library Faculty Liaison Program strengthens communication paths between the library and Adams State’s teaching faculty by pairing a specific librarian with each academic discipline at Adams State.

The assigned library liaison coordinates with departmental faculty to develop collections, instruction sessions, library-related assignments, and other services.

Engaged faculty relationships are essential for a vibrant library and an effective academic curriculum. The Nielsen Library Faculty Liaison Program ensures that library services are tailored to meet each department’s curricular needs, and integrates librarians as partners in the teaching process.

Who is my library liaison?

Liaison relationships are typically assigned based on a librarian’s education and experience. Your library liaison can be found on the Subject Librarians page.

What services does my library liaison provide?

Your library liaison offers the following departmental services:

  • Collection Development
  • Instruction
  • Curriculum Support
  • Research Support
  • Research Guides
  • Departmental Support

How do I communicate with my library liaison?

The library liaison will send periodic email communications to either a designated faculty member or the entire department, depending on your departmental needs and preferences. You are, of course, welcome to contact your liaison by email or phone at any time.

What can I expect from my library liaison?

Library Liaisons will:

  • Attend at least one departmental meeting per academic year
  • Provide email updates at least once per semester
  • Reach out to all new faculty
  • Increase library engagement by attending departmental lectures and events