eBooks and Audio Books


ebrary is a collection of eBooks specifically chosen to be good for research and academic use. These books may show up when you search the library catalog, but you can also search directly in ebrary. Books can be viewed on your browser or downloaded to certain devices, with some restrictions.

For help using ebrary, view our How to Use ebrary page.


Use OverDrive to download eBooks and audio books to your computer or mobile device. This service is provided through Marmot Global, and is primarily intended for pleasure reading, not academic research. 

For help using OverDrive, view our How to Use OverDrive for eBooks page or our How to Use OverDrive for Audio Books page.

Google Books

Use Google Books to search for eBooks. You can preview many books for free, but certain pages or sections will be missing. You can download the whole book if you buy it through the Google Play store.

Books that are in the public domain (not protected by copyright) can be downloaded for free. Many classics are in the public domain.

Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenburg has over 42,000 free eBooks that can be read on your computer or portable device.

These books are all in the public domain (not protected by copyright) and include many classics.