Reserves Information for Faculty

New! Textbook Reserve Initiative

Do you have a class that serves undergraduates? Would you like the library to purchase your textbook to put on reserve? Visit our new Textbook Reserve Initiative page to learn more about this innovative program.

Faculty Reserves

Professors may place books, videos, and other materials on reserve for student use. You may place  library items or items of your own on reserve.

You can fill out a reserve request form online or complete a paper form at the Circulation Desk, located on the first floor of the library.

Reserve items are kept at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.

Reserve items must be used in the library and may be checked out for one-hour periods. To check out reserve items, patrons must present their ASU library card.

Reserve items need to be turned in to Rosanna Backen or the Circulation Desk at least 24 hours before you anticipate students requesting them.

Please give the library staff at least 24 hours to remove items from reserve before you wish to pick them up.

The library rarely purchases textbooks. If you would like a textbook on reserve for your students' convenience, we will gladly place a personal copy on reserve.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Rosanna Backen at 719-587-7173.