Science Activity Center provides fun learning experience


Article by Alyssa Montoya '12

asc science activity center image

Paper airplanes looped-the-loop and sailed through a hoop during the opening of the Adams State College Science Activity Center on March 31. Del Norte Middle School students spent a couple hours on campus visiting the Zacheis Planetarium and were the first visitors to the Science Activity Center.

Located in the former Art Building -- sharing space with ASC Community Partnerships -- the Science Activity Center was the brainchild of Dr. Randy Emmons, professor of physics. Through grants from US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Gates Foundation, the Beottcher Foundation, the Board of Trustees for Adams State, and "the help of many people," Emmons said the project became a reality. "It will provide the citizens of the San Luis Valley with a science educational resource."

The students first visited the planetarium. Angi Richardson said she liked learning about the winter constellations. Then they all proceeded to the Science Activity Center and constructed paper airplanes using patterns supplied by Emmons.

The Del Norte students' program leader, Robin Medina, said the center was educational and fun for the students. "It is a good place for our students to learn outside of the typical classroom." Emmons demonstrated the affects of lift, drag, thrust, and gravity using hands-on activities.

The students received help folding their airplane pattern from Dr. Marty Jones, chemistry professor; and Dr. Rob Benson, associate professor of earth science. Mariam Baca said her favorite part of the day was making paper airplanes.