Adams State College Student Scholar Days continued success


The Second Annual Adams State College Student Scholar Days, on April 2 and April 3, met with success. Dr. Brent King, assistant professor of psychology, initiated the event last year and said the quality of the presentations this year was excellent.

Katie Hagaman will graduate this spring with a degree in biology/wildlife management. Her presentation, "Brainy Birds: A Look at Corvid Cognition", studied the "intelligent" habits of some bird species including the raven. She said the event was a "wonderful opportunity" for Adams State students. "So much goes on in this college, academically speaking, yet we know so little about what other degree plans are accomplishing. Student Scholar Days takes away those invisible barriers so that we can all witness and appreciate the work of other students."

"The hard work of the students and the mentors was evident," King said. "All of the students were well prepared and knew their topics."

The committee included King, chair; Dr. Leslie Alvarez, assistant professor of psychology; Eva Brown, instructor of sociology; Dr. Tim Armstrong, professor of biology; Dr. Joyce Centofanti, associate professor of art; Linda Pacheco-Demski, teacher education office; and Dr. Sheryl Ludwig, assistant professor of teacher education. The committee has already started planning for next year's event.

"The Student Scholar Days presentations were very diverse, informative and fun to watch," Pacheco-Demski said. Brown agreed, "Some students were exemplary in their disciplines. At times, the audience let out audible reactions because the presentations were so exciting."

"Our hope is to continue this trend and see the event grow a bit each year," King added.

Hagaman is in favor of the event continuing in the future. "We should take advantage of other people's higher levels of understanding in particular topics to explore new advancements in various academic areas. Why would we want to miss out on such a variety of cool things from Wii and its implications in physical health, to new research on dinosaurs, to the work of an up-and-coming musician/artist."

Student Scholar Days is a two-day academic conference highlighting the achievements of undergraduate students at Adams State. Thirty-two undergraduate students from 14 different majors presented projects they created. The committee appreciated the support from Dr. David Svalidi, president; Dr. Michael Mumper, provost; and Dr. Frank Novotny, associate provost.

By Linda Relyea