Faculty and staff honored by students


as&f awards banquet spring12 main image

Adams State College students expressed appreciation to mentors during the Eight Annual Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet. Adams State College faculty and staff nominated by students for the awards, hosted by Associated Students and Faculty Senate (AS&F), on April 5 at the Bistro Rialto.

Many Adams State faculty and staff members were nominated by students for their dedication and commitment to student success. Pictured, left to right, Diego Trujillo, Dr. Marty Jones, Aaron Miltenberger, Daisy Valdez, Sally Kelly, Dr. Amanda Jojola, Christina Harlow, Morgan Ramsey-Daniel, Maxine Rodriguez, Brian Rauscher, Dr. Mari Centeno, Dr. John Taylor, Dan Carver (student presentor), Mick Daniel, and Collin Padbury.

Awards were presented to Dr. Marty Jones, professor of chemistry, Excellence in Student Centered Instruction; Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy, professor of English, Excellence in Academic Advisement; Eva Brown, adjunct instructor of developmental education, Excellence in Student Engagement; Aaron Miltenberger, coordinator of Student Activities, Excellence in Extra-Curricular Advisement; Mick Daniel, director of Student Life and Recreation, Outstanding Professional Staff Member; and Maxine Rodriguez, Admissions Office administrative assistant, Outstanding Classified Staff Member.