Barbier and Cordova pushed their limits


On stage and off

Adams State College students, Kris Barbier and Nichole Cordova, rushed across campus soon after the curtain call for "The True Story of Cinderella" to arrive breathless for their roles in "Almost Offices," on March 7 and 8.

Cordova, a sophomore theatre liberal arts and English major, said running from one performance to another was a challenge, but the directors and stage managers were supportive. "I loved the rush of energy I got knowing I had to run from one place to another, but the feeling later was hard, it was pure exhaustion." She used her excitement and nervousness on stage for the comic oratorio, "Cinderella" and back stage for "Almost Offices" to keep the actors and crew energized.

The directors, Dr. Christine Keitges, "Cinderella," and Brad Greening, "Almost Offices,: scheduled around the two students. Keitges changed the musical performance to 7 p.m. and held rehearsals earlier.

Barbier, a junior theatre and HPPE double major, said: "It is not very often we are able to do both music and theatre events, they often clash. It was really great that Dr. Keitges and Brad were so willing to work with us."

"I would do it again in a heartbeat," Cordova said. "I love performing and working shows." She was happy to have Barbier as an ally. "Kris was a big motivator when I was ready to give up some nights."

Barbier called the evenings a "real thrill ride" pulling off two different shows in the same night. "I felt that it really stretched me as a performer and allowed me to grow in whole different direction."