Adams State to honor veterans at Spring Commencement Ceremony


Adams State's upcoming spring commencement ceremony will open with presentation of the colors by the college's newly formed Veterans Club. The group will then lead a moment of silence in memory of the fallen, as well as those currently in harm's way. Commencement begins at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 12, in Plachy Hall gym.

Adams State President David Svaldi confirmed the Pledge of Allegiance will not be recited during the ceremony, as many in the community and on campus may have heard through social media, the rumor mill, or reading the campus newspaper.

"Commencement for fall 2011 was the only time the pledge was recited at Adams State graduation during the last 26 years," Svaldi said. "During the coming academic year, the Associated Students and Faculty Senate will coordinate a number of debates regarding inclusion of the pledge in the fall 2012 and spring 2013 undergraduate commencement ceremonies."

Students and faculty will then vote on whether to include the pledge or an alternative in future commencement ceremonies.

"I have met with students who - regardless of what they believe about the pledge - feel that their voices need to be heard. I agree, and this is a great teaching opportunity to consider what the pledge might mean to different groups and then have the students and faculty (all who pay AS&F dues) decide by casting a vote," Svaldi added.

The spring 2012 commencement address will be given by Lee White, a former member of Governor Roy Romer's Cabinet.

By Julie Waechter