GRZ-TV makes it big on Adams State Campus


By: Mariah Pepe

Ever dream of becoming involved in the glamorous film-making industry? Well, dreams do come true with the addition of the new GRZ-TV campus television channel that is “run by students and for the students,” said Suzanne Greenwood, the first general manager of Grizzly Video Productions. Students in collaboration with the new student media organization Grizzly Video Productions will soon be broadcasting on the campus cable channel 5.

Grizzly Video Productions aims to “empower Adams State students through the use of video as a form of communication and a media tool. According to YouTube, currently, one hour of video is uploaded every second,” said Greenwood. Video is the new means of communication and Channel 5 is dedicated to teaching students how to format video specifically for television. The purpose is to portray the voice and vision of the students, while exposing students to a culturally prominent form of media. In fact, students will be able to watch videos made by their peers and give instant feedback from their dorms; it will influence campus culture and life.

The shows that are currently under production include “Question of the Week,” “Adams Love” (a dating and reality show), “ASC Sports Talk,” “ASC in Focus” (events around campus), and “Bear Talk: A Student Perspective.” New ideas are always welcome.

For this reason, Suzanne Greenwood, the general manager would like to encourage anyone interested in producing or developing ideas to contact her at: There are also opportunities for people who are already making their own videos or who are in need of equipment, which is available in the Haynie Center, located in the Student Union Building.

Even for people who aren’t interested in the technical aspects of producing videos, there are opportunities for involvement by being a host on a TV show, networking, interviewing, encouraging social media, and promoting events and sales.

This new form of media would like to sincerely urge students to become involved, even if they are already involved with the other student media organizations, including the Paw Print, KASF-FM, and the Sandhill Review. Integrating these forms of media will allow for students to enter the working world with a better understanding of how all forms of media can work together.

For an even further exploration of video, students should take the offered courses; Digital Film-making is available this summer, and Video Practicum will be offered in the fall.