Reenactment Group continues to fire away


Richard Goddard, Mark Bosler, Steve Swanson and canon

Mark Bosler, right, Steve Swanson, left, donate canon to Dr. Goddard, middle.

The Adams State University Historical Reenactment Group participates in many events including parades, historical reenactment gatherings, and firing a canon after touchdowns by the Adams State football team during home games. The group's advisor, Dr. Richard Goddard, associate professor history and archaeology, recently accepted a canon on behalf of the university and the reenactment group.

Mark Bosler and Steve Swanson purchased and donated the replica canon, a functioning reproduction of an M1841, 12-pound, mountain howitzer. Cannons of this type were in use by the US army from the 1850s through the early 1870s. They were especially popular in the rugged western areas because of their lighter weight and compact design.

The Adams State reenactment group remains active in historical reenactment and living history events throughout New Mexico and Colorado, portraying both civilian and military life during the 19th century. Goddard said, in addition to being an entertaining hobby, historical reenactment is an important way to gain insight to history as it was experienced by those who lived through it. Participation in the reenactment group is open to community members as well as students.

For more information contact Goddard at 719-587-7267.