SLV Federal Bank funds additional scholarships


Gelek Lhamo, Daniel Sours, Alejandra Ledesma, duane bussey

Despite the end of the semester obligations, three Adams State students who received the SLV Federal Banks scholarship arrived to be photographed with Duane Bussey, bank president; seated far right; the recipients include, left to right, Gelek Lhamo, Daniel Sours, and Alejandra Ledesma.

In an effort to financially assist students facing hardship this semester, the San Luis Valley Federal Bank recently donated an additional $15,000 in scholarship money to use this spring semester.

Duane Bussey, bank president/CEO said the bank’s Board of Directors felt it was important to provide an extra measure of scholarship support for Adams State given the ongoing reductions in state financial support for Adams State.

Recipients of the scholarship include Lorraine Aragon, Josephine Barela, Benjamin Evans, Jennifer Gersbach, Laura Hopkins, Clancey Kreutzer, Alejandra Ledesma, Gelek Lhamo, Tegan Oehmen, Marissa Peterson, Monica Ramos Otsuka, Kandance Robertson, Dariana Roybal, Samantha Sargent, Daniel Sours, Bryson Viehweg, and Alley Wasinger.

“These monies are targeted at student retention knowing some students may be lacking just a small amount of help in order to continue their attendance,” Bussey said. “If it means we can retain fifteen to twenty additional students, the positive impact to the university, the students and the community will be significant.”

For nearly 36 years, the SLV Federal Bank has awarded scholarships to Adams State students. This additional donation is in addition to 21 scholarships awarded to students for the 2012/2013 academic year. To be eligible for the scholarships, the parents, grandparents or student must have an account at the bank.