ASU employees recognized for years of service


asu employees recognized for years of service

Pictured, left to right, (back row) Bill Herrmann, Crystal Wallace, Caryn Chavez, Lynn Crowder, Debra Ehrlich, Dr. Linda Christian, Beth Apodaca Ruybal, Mark Schoenecker, Bobbi Maul, Anthony Gallegos, Bill Mansheim, Shannon Heersink, Rodney Martinez, Dr. Elizabeth Thomas-Hensley, Mike Henderson, Greg Cook, Aaron Miltenberger, Dana Provence Cecil Fell, Brenda Wilson, and Coach Damon Martin; (front row) Catherine Heaton, Bhargavi Pulavarti, Isabel Medina-Keiser, Patricia Robbins, James Trujillo, Christine Wright, Judy Phillips, Belén Maestas, Lisa Strobeck, Comfort Cover, Lillian Klutts, Patti Ortiz, Dr. Michael Martin (just behind Ortiz), Dr. Ed Crowther, Dr. Beth Bonnstetter, Randy Smith, Masood Ahmad, Joel Korngut, Chris Olance, Katie Schroeder, and Linda Relyea.

Adams State University awarded Dr. Brent Ybarrondo, professor of biology, emeritus status at the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony on April 24 in Carson Auditorium.

Ybarrondo, retires after 21 years of mentoring and teaching students. "Dr.Ybarrondo does not paint an easy picture," said Rick Sloan, medical doctor and Adams State 1998 graduate. "He gives people real advice meaning he does not make you think that anything worth attaining is going to be easy. He made me believe in myself and let me know in a very open way that the choice I had made was going to be a difficult one but with perseverance I would succeed in my goals."

Other honors recognized included tenure positions, promotions, announcement of 2013 Presidential Award recipients, and faculty/staff years of service.

Professors promoted include Dr. Renee Beeton, tenured associate professor of chemistry; Dr. Beth Bonnstetter, tenured associate professor of mass communications; Dr. Amanda Jojola, tenured associate professor of nursing; Jenna Neilsen, tenured associate professor of theatre; Dr. Beth Robison, tenured associate professor of music; Dr. Michele Trujillo, tenured associate professor of teacher education; Dr. Elizabeth Thomas-Hensley tenured assistant professor of marketing; Dr. Stephen Aldrich, professor of mathematics; Dr. George Backen, professor of philosophy; Dr. Benita Brink, professor of biology; Dr. Tracy Doyle, professor of music; Dr. Mark Manzanares, professor of counselor education; Dr. Matthew Schildt, professor of music; and Dr. Brent King, professor of psychology.

Faculty and staff honored for Years of Service includes –Thirty-Five Years: Patti Ortiz, computing services customer support coordinator; Twenty-Five Years: Dr. Ed Crowther, department chair of history, government, philosophy; Damon Martin, men's and women's cross country and track and field coach; Dr. Michael Martin, department chair of sociology; Loretta Martinez, bookstore program assistant; Lisa Strobeck, extended studies administrative assistant; Twenty Years: Anthony Gallegos, facilities services custodian; Belén Maestas, registrar; Frank Novotny, vice president for academic affairs; Fifteen Years: Dr. Linda Christian, professor of teacher education; Greg Cook, accounting technician I; Shirley Gibson, payroll manager; Logan Hansen, IT professional; Rodney Martinez, custodian supervisor; Dr. Matt Nehring, department chair of chemistry, computer science, and mathematics; Chris Olance, computing services manager of support services; Judy Phillips, assistant vice president for extended studies - operations; Linda Relyea, assistant director of communications; Mark Schoenecker, director of communications; Ten Years: Leroy Blair, facilities services custodian; Lynn Crowder, professional program coordinator; Cecil Fell, equipment manager; Shannon Heersink, human resources assistant director; Dr. Stephanie Hilwig, associate professor of sociology; Lillian Klutts, facilities services custodian; Bill Mansheim, vice president for finance and governmental relations; Bobbie Maul, administrative assistant for English/communications; Dana Provence, professor of art; Katie Schroeder, budget support coordinator; Phil Schroeder, financial aid director; James Trujillo, executive assistant to the president and board of trustees; Crystal Wallace, One Stop Student Services Center cashier; Five Years: Masood Ahmad, student engagement and success director; Beth Apodaca Ruybal, extended studies curriculum and evaluation specialist; Dr. Beth Bonnstetter, associate professor of mass communications; Leslie Boutillette, administrative assistant III for science, mathematics, and technology; Caryn Chavez, extended studies administrative assistant; Dr. Comfort Cover, assistant professor of management information systems; Scott Davis, facilities services grounds and nursery I; Debra Ehrlich, extended studies administrative assistant II; Catherine Heaton, instructor of developmental reading and writing; Mike Henderson, web applications developer; Bill Herrmann, assistant professor of accounting; Joel Korngut, office of equal opportunity director; Dianne Lee, athletics business manager; Isabel Medina-Keiser, disability services/diversity director; Mark Melgares, facilities services grounds and nursery I; Sharon Melvin, assistant professor of nursing; Aaron Miltenberger, assistant director of student life; Bhargavi Pulavarti, computing services application programmer; Dr. Beth Robison, associate professor of music; Patricia Robbins, assistant professor of business; Randy Smith, IT professional I; Dr. Elizabeth Thomas-Hensley, assistant professor of marketing; Bernadette Torres, extended studies quality assurance specialist; Brenda Wilson, housing administrative assistant II; Christine Wright, IT support administrator.

The 2013 Adams State University Presidential Teacher Award recipients included Sheryl Abeyta-Brown, assistant professor of accounting; Dr. Leslie Cramblet Alvarez, associate professor of psychology; Dr. Zena Buser, associate professor of business. Dr. Stuart Hilwig received the award posthumously.