Get your art on


Adara Rayne Sandoval and Deb Huss work on their stained glass projects

Adara Rayne Sandoval and Deb Huss work on their stained glass projects in the class taught by Kay Malouff, last summer.

Summertime – and creativity flows easy. Bask in long, warm afternoons and express your inner artist by designing and producing a unique piece of jewelry, let light shine through your very own stained glass piece, or contemplate the depth of your spirit in calligraphy. Registration has begun for the Adams State University Art Department's one-week art courses.

The four-day classes will meet from 3 p.m. until 9:15 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. According to Claire Van der Plas, chair of the Adams State Art Department, the courses were designed to provide opportunities for the community to blossom creatively without committing to a lengthy class. "We do welcome everyone to take all three art classes, if they have the time and inclination."

The summer offerings include jewelry, calligraphy, and stained glass. Dana Provence, art professor, encourages his students to "make a statement with your body art." The jewelry class will include casting, chain making, stone setting and 24K gold fusion, so students can "design and fabricate a signature necklace or bracelet." The class is open to all skill levels. The class will be held July 5 through July 8.

A native of Japan and former instructor at Adams State, Takako "Kathy" Clark will share her skills in calligraphy. Shodo: An Ancient Art of Japan will be held July 11 through July 14. Shodo is the art of drawing Japanese characters with brush and ink that express spiritual depth and beauty. In this course students will learn a brief history of Shodo, and how to use brush and ink to properly draw the strokes for both Kanji and Katakana characters.

Last summer, Kay Malouff, local artist, taught a stained glass course and will return again this year. In her four-day intensive course, students will design and make a small to medium basic panel of ready-to-hang stained glass. The course will cover skills in design, cutting and fitting simple shapes, copper foil application, soldering techniques and framing. Students with previous experience are welcome. The class will be held July 18 through July 21.

For additional information please contact the Art Department at 719-587-7823 or