ASU Student Scholar Days announces award recipients


Article by Maya Ramirez '16

Azarel Madrigal presenting her research

Photo by Daniel Parsons '18.
Azarel Madrigal presents her research.

The ninth annual Adams State University Student Scholar Days took place April 7 and April 8. The conference included undergraduate students presenting orally, or with posters, on topics within their major. The public event included students from the sciences, history, political science, Human Performance and Physical Education (HPPE), English, and many more.

Students are mentored by their professors and the presentations highlighted the success of their chosen academic pursuit by presenting on current issues and studies in each field of study.

Awards included cash prizes in each place and category.

Best Abstract:

First place, receiving $50 each – Russell Geminden and Garrett Visser, biology;
Second place, receiving $75 – Azarel Madrigal, political science;
Third place, receiving $25 each – John Whitinger and Alex Mullins, biology.

Best Poster:

First place, receiving $75 each – John Whitinger and Alex Mullins, biology;
Second place, receiving $62.50 each –Russell Geminden and Garrett Visser, biology;
Third place (a tie), receiving $50 each – Ryan Miller, cellular and molecular biology) and Christian Nenninger, chemistry and molecular biology.

Best Oral Presentation:

First place, receiving $75 each – Jackson Espeset and David Sheppard, HPPE;
Second place, receiving $125 – Lenore Reinhart, psychology;
Third place, receiving $100 – Kole Kelly, agribusiness.