Employees recognized for years of service


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Pictured, left to right, back row, are Dr. Richard Goddard, Dr. Rob Benson, Gene Schilling, Dr. Kurt Keister, Dr. Linda Reid, Kari Velleses, George Sellman, Sharon Chavez, Dana Provence, Peggy Dunn, and Armando Valdez; front row: Dr. David Svaldi, Dr. Clarence Parks, Bea Martinez, Cameron Miller, Linda Pacheco-Demski, Jeannie O’Laughlin, Carmen Jaramillo, Larry Mortensen, Dr. Matthew Iklé, Kevin Daniel, Andrea Benton-Maestas, Donald Connell, Dr. Alberta Coolbaugh, Dr. Christy Miller, Dr. Renee Beeton, Karen Lemke, Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy, Julie Waechter, Dr. Tracey Robinson, Gregg Elliott, and Darrell Meis.

Adams State College awarded Alberta Coolbaugh, professor of business, and Dr. Clarence Park, professor of sociology, emeritus status at the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony on April 27 in the Student Union Building Carson Auditorium.

Parks spent his entire career in higher education, started in 1983, at Adams State. "I believe in my heart of hearts those who study and understand sociology become more effective people," he said. Coolbaugh joined the Extended Studies staff in 1988, eventually becoming the department's director. She accepted a faculty position in the School of Business in 2000, teaching everything from computer application courses to web design and desktop publishing. "I love technology and I like learning," she said.

Other honors recognized included tenure positions, promotions, announcement of 2011 Presidential Award recipients, and faculty/staff years of service.

Professors promoted include Dr. Jeanie O'Laughlin, associate professor of business; Dr. Susan Loveland, associate professor of computer science; Dr. Jamie VanValkenburg, associate professor of music; Dr. Robert Benson, professor of geology; Dr. Christy Miller, professor of chemistry, Dana Provence, professor of art; and Dr. Tracey Robinson, professor of human performance and physical education. Professors awarded tenure include Dr. Sheryl Ludwig, associate professor of teacher education; Armando Valdez, assistant professor of business; and Dr. Jamie VanValkenburg, associate professor of music.

Faculty and staff honored for Years of Service includes -- Thirty-five Years: Bea Martinez, student business services director; Thirty Years: Carmen Jaramillo, Upward Bound administrative assistant; Twenty-Five Years: Darrell Meis, bookstore director; George Sellman, assistant professor of mathematics/computer science; Dr. David Svaldi, president; Twenty Years: Deborah Cunningham, Extended Studies administrative assistant; Jody Mortensen, controller of sponsored programs; Julie Waechter, assistant to the president for communications; Fifteen Years: Dr. Tim Armstrong, professor of biology; Andrea Benton-Maestas, institutional research and assessment senior analyst; Sharon Chavez, student employee coordinator; Margaret Doell, art department chair; Dr. Matthew Ikle, professor of mathematics; Larry Mortensen, athletic director; David Peasley, IT professional; Dr. Linda Reid, professor of business; Gene Schilling, professor of art; Jeff Storm, HPPE instructor; Gina Willis, Student Affairs administrative assistant; Ten Years: Julia Chavez, extended studies student advisor; Kevin Daniel, computing services assistant director; Dr. Rob Demski, associate professor of psychology; Peggy Dunn, print shop manager; Dr. Kurt Keiser, School of Business chair; Dr. William Lipke, professor of music; David MacWilliams, professor of English; Cameron Miller, IT professional II: Dr. Christy Miller, professor of chemistry; Linda Pacheco-Demski, teacher education graduate coordinator; Dr. Tracey Robinson, professor of HPPE; Karie Velleses, graduate school administrative assistant; Five Years: Chan Arnold, structural trades I; Donald Connell, structural trades II: Dr. Leslie Cramblet-Alvarez, associate professor of psychology; Dodie Day, academic affairs administrative assistant III; Gregg Elliott, counseling and career center director; Kelly Kruger, women’s basketball head coach; Karen Lemke, STAY coordinator; Dr. Gina Mitchell, visiting professor of psychology; Dr. Sarah Owens, assistant professor of English; Diego Trujillo, tutoring and testing coordinator.

Employees retiring in the spring 2011 included Dr. Alberta Coolbaugh, professor of business; Eleanor Cruz, housing administrative assistant; Tom Fuller, application programmer III; Mike Garcia, custodian; Lynn Michalke, records administrative assistant; John Neal structural trades II; Dr. Clarence Parks, professor of sociology; Dwight Smith, structural trades II.

The 2011 Adams State College Presidential Teacher Award recipients included Dr. Renee Beeton, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. Richard Goddard, associate professor of anthropology; Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy, professor of English, and Armando Valdez, assistant professor of business.