ASC announces realignment of college administration


The Board of Trustees for Adams State College recently approved a realignment of the college's top administration, effective Aug. 1, according to President David Svaldi. The realignment includes revised titles and shifts in the reporting structure.

"Adams State has had some strong successes over the last three years, including improved financials, increased enrollments, and many approved capital projects. This realignment will help our administration operate even more efficiently and effectively, particularly concerning everyday issues such as personnel supervision and development, and day-to-day business practices and procedures that affect campus climate for both employees and students," Svaldi explained. "The realignment creates a better balance of duties among our top administrators and will help us prepare for succession in college leadership."

ASC President David Svaldi

ASC President David Svaldi

Adams State expects this fall's enrollment will exceed last year's, which was the highest ever, at 3,369 students.

Svaldi noted the realignment has not resulted in significant salary adjustments, in view of the financial uncertainty facing the College due to state budget cuts.

"Some individuals with added duties will receive a one-time stipend, similar to overload pay for faculty, but we will defer most permanent base increases for administrators until faculty pay can also be addressed," he said.

Dr. Michael Mumper

Dr. Michael Mumper, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Program Development

Dr. Michael Mumper is now Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Program Development, reporting to the college president. His responsibilities include student success and retention, maintaining enrollment, and measuring and developing programs to sustain student success. The departments reporting to him include Enrollment Management (Admissions, Financial Aid, Records), Institutional Research, Communications, and the Nielsen Library.

"Dr. Mumper has performed in an outstanding manner by leading ASC to strong enrollment increases over the last five semesters, with another increase apparent for Fall 2010," Svaldi said. "With these successes in mind, I thought it in the best interest of the college to allow Dr. Mumper to focus not only on improved enrollment, but also on leading necessary efforts and programs to improve student retention. As we near our campus capacity for students, Dr. Mumper is the best person to fine tune and balance incoming student numbers with improved retention."

Bill Mansheim's title is now Vice President for Finance and Governmental Relations to reflect his responsibility for coordinating and communicating issues related to governmental affairs. Continuing to report to the president, he also assumes supervision of the Assistant Vice President for Extended Studies - Operations, a position held by Judy Phillips.

The following positions will also now report directly to Svaldi:

  • Dr. Frank Novotny is Vice President for Academic Affairs, with responsibility and authority on all teaching and learning issues at the undergraduate level. Reporting to him are all departmental chairs, Developmental Education, and the Assistant Vice President for Extended Studies - Academics, a position held by Walter Roybal.
  • Ken Marquez is Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and is responsible for maintaining and improving student life outside of the classroom. Reporting to him are student housing and auxiliaries, ASC Police Department, Upward Bound, Counseling Center, the Bookstore, and Student Life.
  • Dr. Don Johnston is Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies and Institutional Planning. He is responsible for graduate programs and providing a "one-stop shop" point of contact for all degree-seeking graduate students. He now assumes responsibility for facilitating and guiding institutional planning efforts.
  • Director of Human Resources Tracy Rogers will also report directly to the president.

By Julie Waechter