ASC students expected to enjoy new facilities


Excitement and expectations continue to build as Adams State College has record high enrollment and construction renovates and revitalizes the campus.

Coronado Hall renovations were finished last spring, the updated, modern spaces and Residence at Rex has inspired more students to choose on campus housing. "We have 170 more students requesting on campus housing than last year," said Bruce Del Tondo, director of auxiliary services. "Once the dust settles, we know students are going to appreciate the improvements and be satisfied with their contemporary living style."

  Students living in the Residence at Rex will enjoy inspiring views from their kitchen/open space areas.(Photo by Linda Relyea)

Students living in the Residence at Rex will enjoy inspiring views from their kitchen/open space areas. (Photo by Linda Relyea)

The appearance of Residence at Rex changes daily, as crews finish details and complete rooms for returning students. According to Del Tondo, the majority of rooms are right on schedule for students to move in before the fall semester starts. A few students may require servicing at other sites until their spaces are completed. "I've personally called those students and informed them of their temporary accommodations."

Across Stadium Drive, Girault Hall is undergoing major renovation, complete with new windows and bathroom facilities. Girault Hall is expected to be ready for occupancy by August 16. Finishing touches in the hallways and exterior of the building may continue after the semester starts. "Right now we are expecting students to move into their updated living spaces on schedule," Del Tondo said. As a precautionary measure, he is arranging off campus accommodations for Girault Hall residents.

"We will keep all our students and the community updated with any new reports," Del Tondo said.

For more information please call Residences at Adams State at 719-587-7227.

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By Linda Relyea