Adams State course to cover the 2012 Presidential Election as it happens


Are you curious about how the Fall 2012 presidential election will play out? Are you interested in understanding how psychological dynamics and media processes contribute to presidential election outcomes? A unique course entitled "Perspectives on the 2012 Presidential Election" will be offered this fall at Adams State University to help answer these and other political questions. The course will integrate and apply political psychology and mass communication studies to the Fall 2012 presidential election.

Dr. Rob Demski, a professor of political psychology, and Dr. Mark Finney, a professor of mass communication, will be co-teaching this interesting three-credit course on the presidential election, while the election is actually happening. In order to develop a broader understanding of the candidates and how modern presidential elections are won in the United States, course participants will examine the role that the news, political advertising, debates, press conferences, candidate speeches, and campaign styles have on the electorate. Course participants will also explore the psychological origins of ideological orientation, the nature of political leadership, and how voter decisions are actually made.

As part of the course, students will participate in a class project to explore the characteristics of college students who identify as political independents. Dr. Demski explains, "The project will help us understand who political independents are, why they identify the way they do, and what they really believe."

The course will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., beginning Tuesday, August 21. For further information about the course, contact either Dr. Rob Demski ( or Dr. Mark Finney ( Students may register for the course under any of the following numbers: JOUR 279, JOUR 479, PSYC 379.To register, call or visit the Adams State One-Stop in the Student Union Building, 587-7306.