Press Release Deadlines

  • When promoting an event it is best to send pertinent information, including time/date/place of event three weeks prior to event. This allows plenty of time to organize the material, shoot a photograph to accompany the release (say of a play or concert rehearsal) - MOST NEWS SOURCES prefer to receive releases two weeks before the event - especially radio stations - and that gives plenty of air time on the radio, and enough time for the newspaper to run the release before the event.
  • When desiring paid advertising, a budget is required beforehand, every media source has a different price range - once a total budget is known, size of ad, and number of times to run can be determined. Deadline for paid advertising is new weeks prior to run date, allowing time to design ad and coordinate with media source.
  • If an event needs to be covered, please give two weeks notice - to coordinate scheduling with full-time staff and work-study staff.