Adams State art education students experience hands-on teaching


art ed and trinity lutheran students image

Pictured, Ashley Henry, junior art education major, assists Gabe Heersink, a kindergartner at Trinity Lutheran School, with his art project on the Adams State College campus in November.

The college education students have an opportunity to practice hands-on techniques with the elementary children. "It is a win-win for both groups of students," said Dr. Joyce Centofanti, associate professor of art.

The college students execute a lesson plan as if they were a lead teacher. "For the art education majors this is very valuable. I have students who are now out in the field tell me the hands-on art projects with the elementary students was their most worthwhile experience in becoming a successful art teacher."

Joy Lucero, kindergarten teacher at Trinity Lutheran School, said bringing the children onto the college campus is a positive experience for them.

"Even at this young age it is good for them to know colleges are accessible," she said.

The art education students sponsored an art show of the Trinity Lutheran School children's projects on December 2. "Art is as an important to a child's development as any other discipline," Centofanti said. "Tactical learning can be a very powerful tool in teaching young children and keeping them interested in school."

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By Linda Relyea